Albany Family Portratis with The Bees


We are so excited to have The Bees back on the YTK BLOG! My oh my have Louisa and Maple grown! They were so much smaller at our last shoot and I can’t tell you how excited I am to photograph them again! Momma Bee was true to form with some FAB outfits for her fashionable girls. This was an awesome Albany Family Portrait shoot filled with lots of laughs and running around! One of the best parts of my job is getting to watch these amazing families grow!Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_001There isn’t anything better than a petticoat and a twirly dress! Check out those springy curls! – AH In love!Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_002I have been dying to do a shoot with a GIANT balloon so you can imagine my face when Tara and Clair pulled them out of the car! I think that I was more excited than the girls!
Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_003Louisa is seriously too cute for her own good – Look at those eyes…Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_004A little bit of sister love at our Albany Family Portrait shoot!Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_005And some Maple time with Mom and Dad! Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_006We had such a great time photographing in Washington Park! (Although Louisa is looking rather pouty here haha!)Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_007 Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_008 Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_009We had a quick outfit change and headed over to this great spot in the park!  Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_010 Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_011Here Louisa is practicing her poses!  Albany_Family_Portrait_Photographer_YTK_012 Thank you so much for having me capture you family – it is always a delight!Facebook

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