Kim + Tim’s Celebration Shoot

There are a million different ways that a couple can celebrate their relationship and love. Showering each other with gifts, flowers,  a romantic get-away or just sitting side by side holding hands and reflecting on all the memories created together. Kim reached out to me about doing a photo shoot to celebrate her and husband Tim. These two have been together for 11 years and she wanted to do this shoot just because she loves him and wanted that to be captured. Of course, I was honored to be included in such a moving moment in their lives but even more excited because of the way that she lights up when she talks about him – I knew that this was going to be amazing. We set the shoot at their home, a little sanctuary that they both have worked on together for the past 11 years.


I  adore a great love story and that is what Tim and Kim have. I can’t get over the way that they glow when they are together.


I love that Kim and Tim decided to do a shoot to celebrate their love “just because” and now these moments will be with them forever.


I love everything about this image, their connection, the soft light and the warm glow




We had this amazing field and old barn down the road from Kim and Tim’s house that we HAD to stop at. The light was incredible and it was SO worth it!


At first, Tim was a little nervous about being photographed but I told him to get lost in Kim and we got this… He got over those nerves QUICKLY!



This shoot wouldn’t have been complete without some family portraits with the pups. 


Here is a great moment. Tim is quite the musician and Kim encouraged him to pick up his dream guitar, a Taylor Koa which he plays for her of course.  Here they are seated on a love bench on the path that Kim created that wraps around the house. The light and music was exquisite.


Here is a little detail to drool over. Each year that Kim and Tim have been together they have saved the bottom piece of their Christmas Tree and Kim created this linked art piece that they display in their home. 



This couple is filled with so much joy and love.


Here was what Kim had to say after the shoot:

“I absolutely knew you were the perfect photographer for us! When Tim so effortlessly indulged my wish for a session with you and then grew nervous just before you arrived, I thought, “uh oh.” But it was amazing to watch his uncertainty about process and direction quickly dissolve into a delicious cocktail of ease, play, and joy as you did what you do so well. 
You have a wonderful gift for creating a fantastically fun dynamic, bringing out the same electricity we’ve felt from our first date through eleven years of this beautiful life together. 
Our life, our space, our connection, I feel like you’ve distilled it all down to a beautiful evening and bottled it up for us to savor. The precious memories you’ve had us walk through, which you’ve then spun into pure visual gold, will be cherished forever. And this I know just from the few previews you’ve shared!”
– Kim

It was my honor to capture you and your love story. Thank you.


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