Wright-Self Port-logo I am extremely passionate about photography and not just since the DSLR was on the mass market. I have a deep love and vast knowledge of historical photographic processes. I  adore the extensive genres of photography from tintypes to our modern everyday self-documenting [#ytkphotography].

I have a wicked imagination and love to get carried away in a fantasy or love story. With my personal work, I explore mythological illustration in conjunction with alternative process.

I love storytelling and connecting with people. I pull my creativity through my images by composing visual narratives and forever moments.

I seek to be inspired and to inspire others. I am forever a student and can never learn enough. As such, I also put my passion for knowledge into every moment of my numerous classes and workshops.

What’s your  Story? Introduce yourself and let’s get snapping!

What’s in a Name?
I am Katy – with a “Y”.  As you will see almost everything lists my name as Katherine. This is a result of decades of people inserting a silent and invisible “H” into my name. I am fine with most nicknames, Kate, Katy, Katy Bell (I’m from the southern regions of the States), however the one nickname that I am not crazy about is Kat“H”y…

In one of my Business classes in college we were assigned to create a name and brand. I was thinking up all kinds of (crazy) names but it did not come forward until I was shooting with a 4×5 view camera in studio class. When I had placed my notebook on the table to get my focus down. When you look through the ground glass on a camera without a mirror the “image” will appear backwards and upside down. So there it was a reversed version YTAK which later developed into YTK Photography. I have had the name ever since.

Abit More..

I have loved photography since I was a child – Just like everyone else [and their little brother]…

I have been fascinated with photography since I was a VERY young girl and started shooting at the ripe ‘ol age of 5 (as pictured above).

My mother is the most amazing and creative person I have ever met in my life (I am admittedly biased; however, I have had the privilege of meeting some really snazzy people).

Mom taught me how to sew and when I was learning, I would sketch up these elaborate costumes. She would make them down to every note I had scribbled on the page. When the costumes were finished, I would play dress up with my friends. We would go on Photo Expeditions where we would explore every inch of the 25 acres of land I grew up on and I would photograph them. This was the start of my love of fantasy and portraits. This practice continued throughout high school and college where I graduated Cum Laude from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a BS in photography.

Flash forward to today. With my photography, I focus on storytelling and making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. I have literally worked for the better part of my life photographing people – getting my subjects to comfortably and naturally open up – to relax and show their essence in that moment. All of my work is based around creative concepts with unique and artistic perspective. Check out what my Clients are saying about the YTK Photography Experience.